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Bauer Launches New 'Wonderpedia' Magazine

Bauer Media has announced the launch of a new magazine within the knowledge sector called Wonderpedia, backed by a £1 million marketing spend.

The magazine, which carries the strapline "Discover something new", has a wide target market, with a core audience of men aged 25-54. Its editorial content will feature a wide mix of facts on various different topics, providing readers with a broad range of knowledge.

Bauer is investing £1 million in a marketing campaign to support the launch of the magazine and its accompanying website wonderpediamagazine.co.uk. The publishers are also sending out a free preview issue of the magazine to over 200,000 consumers from 10th May.

Abby Carvosso, managing director of Bauer Media London Lifestyle and Advertising, said: "Wonderpedia will be as surprising and unpredictable as the world that we live in. Every issue it will take readers on a voyage of discovery to further their understanding of the world, getting closer to the things that matter and reminding them of the everyday magic of the universe."

The first issue of Wonderpedia goes on sale on 24th May priced at £1.99.

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