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Digital Platforms

The publishing landscape is changing and it's changing fast. The growth of digital platforms presents new challenges and exciting possibilities for your brands. That's where our digital experts come in.

Digital is a continually emerging channel and it pays to stay ahead of the pack when sourcing solutions. There are lots of different ways to develop digital awareness of your brand, but we can help demystify the technology and find solutions to suit your needs … and those of your readers.

Digital is a continually emerging channel and it pays to stay ahead of the pack when sourcing solutions.

In the age of digital, publishing is increasingly about delivering content rather than delivering a product. With our assistance, you can deliver this content to readers across a range of digital platforms, including over the web and through mobile and tablet devices.

Our social media experts can help you to successfully build a following and communicate content across these new and exciting platforms. We can show you how to use email newsletters to drive one-off purchases and subscriptions and maximise your reach, particularly in international markets. A wide range of digital publications also provides more options for your advertisers.

Digital strategy is as much about building online audiences as it is about packaging content in new ways. Our experts can guide you through the creation of a dynamic, imaginative and successful online presence, from website optimisation to targeted and effective social media campaigns.

Case Studies
  • Starburst

     First launched in 1978, Starburst is the world’s longest running sci-fi, horror and fantasy magazine, but the title had suspended print publication in 2009.


  • The Franchise Magazine

    When we took responsibility for The Franchise Magazine's newsstand distribution, there were two key objectives...