Adult Colouring Magazines

Adult Colouring Magazines

Beginning in 2013 with the release of the original Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring book (which has now sold over 2 million copies), adult colouring magazines are on their way to lead the Crafts sector. Using Sainsbury’s Nectar data, we can explore the relationship between consumers and Colouring titles, and their impact on the market.

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The graph here shows the popularity of customers, broken down by age group. Initially the magazines were preferred by slightly older adults, however the last four months show a large growth for the over 65’s, overtaking the other age groups. In just the last four months the over 65’s saw an increase from 23% to 30%.

Nectar Colouring Age

Using the Nectar data, we can also recognize magazines that are bought along with Colouring titles. The majority of these belong to other Craft’s titles, with Paracordz (a new technique in bracelet making) coming top. However there were titles from the Children’s, Puzzle and Homes Interests sectors that were also purchased with Colouring titles.

Here we can see how recently launched titles sales are split between new and regular customers. New customers represent a significant portion across the graph, peaking at 94% of sales for Calm Colour Create. Switching customers account for 14% in the final title, Simply Colour, suggesting an increase in competitor movement. While the market continues to grow, this will continue to increase, and first-time buyers will decrease.

Nectar Colouring Competitors


The growth in the market has also led to cheaper cover priced titles launching, initially magazines were typically priced around £9.99 (many still are). However recent months have seen releases as low as £3.99.

Nectar Colouring Affluence

The affect this has had on the market is shown in the graph above. The number of high affluence customer sees a steady decrease (dropping from 36% to 29% by October), whereas both the mid and low affluences see gradual increases.

As titles continue to be launched, many publishers have opted for seasonal themes, like Christmas, Halloween. There has also been a growth in commercial themes, such as Lord of the Rings, Sherlock Homes. The Harry Potter Colouring Book is currently the number 1 book on Amazon, with three other colouring titles in the top 20.


The new trend of adult colouring magazines seems to be showing no signs of slowing down, new releases and one-shots continue to launch with large proportions of first time buyers. They are most bought by adults from 45 years old, increasing in popularity with age.

Source: Marketforce November 2015