IPSO launches digital content consultation

Public consultation will examine regulation of global websites.

IPSO has launched a public consultation on the way in which it regulates global news websites as part of its ongoing review of how its regulations apply to global digital content.

The consultation invites submissions on a proposed amendment to IPSO’s regulations. This would exclude some content published by global digital publishers from IPSO regulation but put in place safeguards to protect UK citizens and ensure that the standards of UK journalism can be upheld on online platforms showcasing globally produced content.

Commenting on the digital review and the consultation, IPSO’s Chief Executive, Matt Tee said: “IPSO has considered in detail a number of approaches to defining a new jurisdictional test. We considered that the location of the news event has the potential to form the basis of a test that is both understandable to the public and practicable for journalists. Our proposal has been developed specifically to deal with the coverage of UK nationals, residents and institutions and the online publication of UK print material. This now needs to be debated in a wider forum and we look forward to receiving comments from the public and other interested parties.”

Submissions should be sent to digitalreview@ipso.co.uk. IPSO proposes to publish the received submissions. IPSO will be contacting relevant parties in the next week inviting them to make submissions on the consultation proposal but says it welcomes submissions from any person or group.

The closing date for submissions is midday on Monday 2nd October 2017.

Posted on 26 July, on InPublishing.co.uk. Read the full article here.