New Technology Website Aimed At Women Launches

Gadgette, a new technology website aimed at women, has been launched by digital publishing group Creative Agenda.

Gagdette has promised to deliver women “the best bits from the worlds of beauty, fashion, fun and feminism.”

The website is fronted by editor in chief Holly Brockwell, who was formerly the editor of online publication ShinyShiny.

In a statement, Brockwell said “It’s vitally important that women are better represented in tech, yet there are very few friendly, female-led spaces to read and talk about it. Gadgette is for women, by women, and frankly it’s about time.”

Gadgette currently employs two full time staff writers, but also features the work of freelance writers.

Writers from the Huffington Post, VICE, Cosmopolitan, the Vagenda, The Debrief and Buzzfeed are amongst some of the freelance contributors.

Revenue for Gadgette will be drawn from advertisements.

Gadgette currently has two official sponsors: Honor, a mobile phone brand, and florists Bloom and Wild.

Creative Agenda, publishers of Gadgette, have recently launched The Memo, another technology website.

The Memo has been described by Creative Agenda as a cross betweenThe Economist and Wired.