Subsidiary company, Intermedia Solutions announces new partnership

As part of our growing client portfolio, Intermedia Solutions today announces two new mailing partnerships with Church Communities UK and Impact Publishing.

Plough Quarterly, published by Church Communities UK, is a magazine which looks to inspire faith and action. Featuring articles, interviews, book reviews, poetry and art, this is a publication which focuses on nature, simple living and the environment.

As author Philip Yancey writes on their website, “the entire magazine is beautifully conceived and professionally executed.”

Founded in 2004, Impact Publishing’s Civvy Street Magazine is a unique publication which is one of the UK’s leaders in military resettlement. The magazine focuses on helping ex-military personnel to gain access to various support, such as building a CV, purchasing a home and developing a business.

Here at IMS, we are looking forward to continuing the growth of our client base and introducing more varied and interesting titles.

We look forward to these partnerships with Impact Publishing and Church Communities UK and all the opportunities these will lead to.